domingo, 17 de noviembre de 2013

How should I start?... It is so difficult, and more when it comes to talking about life...even when we talk about love is so hard! Damn! I would like to be a rock: no feelings, no tears, no smiles ! 
Here we go...
Did you see that moment when you need a especial dinner?, did you see that moment when you need somebody for crying with you, holding your hands, giving you kisses and hugs? But that person has to be the love of your life, that person who will pass with you all your moments... 
The thing I appreciate more is Love, a Man´s love... that is the  only thing I don´t have. Fuck Life. Why? Why Damn it, why?. 
I have an Ex. Fuck him, he made me feel  a lot of pain, I spent endless nights crying, praying, shouting inside my mind, blaming me, suffering...for nothing. But there he goes, asking me to return... how naive you are. Go and fuck yourself. 
So I became a Rock. I did not care about people´s feelings. I went ahead till one day I met an other man who made revive my love´s fires. The one that makes me unable to sleep. The one who has the ability of make me cry or laugh. But....( life has a lot of ¨buts¨) he does not have time for falling in love, REALLY?  WHAT MOTHERFUCKER DOES NOT HAVE TIME FOR FALLING IN LOVE? the most beautiful thing of the world. And then me, here again with the heart to burst. So what the hell is going on? When will be my moment? while some people has a new love every month, I crying because I don´t find anyone who fix me.