domingo, 12 de mayo de 2013

I have a thousand things to say. First of all that you are an idiot, hypocrite, liar... You do not know what is a heart, do you?. You used girls as a tissue... what kind of problem do you have?,  The worst thing about this... is that you still keep falling in love all girls... don´t you know? they have hearts, feelings, they are people who know what is love and suffering.
You can not come whenever you want and try to make me remember the history we had and want to resurge all my feelings and memories that i tried to forget all this time. all you're doing is reminding me the hate you earned and the pain you caused me. Let me leave the past behind, let me remake my life, let me fall in love again with someone who knows about this feeling.... lock the doors and try to leave your ego outside.