domingo, 30 de diciembre de 2012

It is weird... to want to fall in love and in the same time not to want to fall in love because you want to continue to have the freedom to do some things without feeling guilty.
 And that need of freedom is stronger than the need of endless love but sometimes the need of freedom gets weak and endless love overcomes me
 but I still have the idea of betraying a love just to get a bit of freedom and fun.
 And then comes the moment when I say that I have many things to live before falling in love but those things never happen, they only stay in my imagination. 
And I wonder why they can not come true?... 
It's just a little of beauty, fame, boys, forbidden love, adventures, friendships, happiness, cool family, fairy tales, health, money, work, success. 
I want that. I want to get all this things  without having to be sitting here and watching how happens to the others. 
For once I want to say "I wish" and make my dreams come true without hurting anyone, like in movies.
Please... Is this too much to ask?.