sábado, 19 de febrero de 2011


i honestly believed in you...
the first meeting was special, i got what i wanted,
not like i thought,it was better.
i thought that everything was okey,
but really, when the day were passing,
with your lovely smile and your beautiful eyes,
my mind could not stop thinking about you.
in one second i dreamed how life would be with you...
yes i fall again, with the same rock,  with the same stupid feeling,
how can i be so idiot?, this obsession is terrible,
 as if it have the desire of make me unhappy,
why always me?. Okey, i am not good person, neither a bad one, so,
why always happen the same thing?.
I realized that time cannot heal this hurts,  fill this deep hole.
I am so sick of all those things.
Firts i think that you want me, but not.
It was not me who you want...
i do not want to stop again all my life because a boy,
 i going to continue, like always, but now, it will be diferent.
i am not going to try to forget you,
i will do like nothing happen, like i dont care that,
because i do not want to waste time with you.
I let it be, if it have to happen, will happen...
 I am going to take advantage of some boys, even if they do not like me..
i am waiting for the fourth month, for see what happen with my heart.
somebody said that my company is coming on, that i do not have to desperate.
But now, i am afraid, because, it is not going to be a sorprise... now i know, i know what is going to happen,
and now I have fear of losing everything I had not yet, just for the simple fact that I know.
but, what  i am imagining it perfect, very unreal, so, i am afraid to be dissapointed.